Sia “CHANDELIER” | Visual + Live Perfromance

- A'Drey

Hey guys!!

Here’s a new visual I’ve choreographed and directed with the cast of 12 amazing female dancers. It’s always a special experience when I’m creating on a dedicated, committed group of movers, but these ladies in particular exceeded all my expectations. I initially created this piece to perform live at Choreographers Carnival in Los Angeles. I wasn’t sure we had enough time to pull it off, because of how physically demanding the piece is and we only had 4 rehearsals to put it together. Not only these ladies came all the way trough and delivered an amazing show (you can judge it by the audience reactions), but we also loved the whole experience so much, that we decided to get together one more time a few weeks later and create a visual. I’m so proud of every single person who participated and gave their talents to this project. Watch both versions below, comment, share .. all the good stuff!! 🙂

Choreography + Creative Direction : A’Drey (@adreyonline)

Film + Edit : Will Anderson (@mrwillanderson)

Dancers : Natalie Schervish, Stephanie Dai, Leah LaGrange, Arielle Hope, Morgan Geraghty, Madisyn Maniff, Laura Ksobiech, Tina Jackson, Liv MacVicar, Liz Clark, Lydia Purves-Ware, Maddy Reese

Music : “Chandelier (Basecamp Remix)” by Sia