Capezio ACE Awards 2018

- A'Drey

Hey guys,

A couple of weeks ago I had an incredible opportunity to showcase one of my pieces at this year’s Capezio ACE (Award for Choreographic Excellence) Awards in New York City, not to mention it was such a privilege to receive my second nomination as a finalist. Every year a panel of highly qualified judges consisting of all types of industry professionals selects up to 20 finalists who have a chance to present a piece in a live showcase and possibly receive money grants to produce a full length work of their own the following year. I worked with a beautiful cast of 11 amazingly talents female dancers from NYC to put one of my works together on that stage. It was an experience like no other that I will never forget. Below you can see a list of this year finalists as well as a pre-performance photo of myself and my cast. I’ll upload the video as soon as I get it from the production team and it will be a treat as those ladies absolutely killed my choreography!!